Fully Functioning Model

Torc Case Study

Case Study – Horse Walker sweeper


To build a proof of concept and create a working prototype of a street sweeper from supplied CAD drawings.


Rory, from Easy Clean, came to us with CAD drawings and a small amount of funding from Invest Northern Ireland. The CAD drawings had been drafted using funding from an Invest Northern Ireland Innovation voucher. Rory requested us to build a proof of concept, working prototype. The prototype would also be used to approach prospective manufactures.


We assessed the CAD drawings and using our manufacturing knowledge, decided that best approach would be to use as many off-the-shelf parts as possible.

This would reduce design time and also significantly improve the chance of a manufacturer bringing it to market. Our designers revised the CAD to suit our build requirements. We utilised our in house fabrication ability, our network of specialist suppliers and as many of the shelf parts as possible to build the prototype.


The final prototype exceeded expectations in field trials, requiring very few modification to perform optimally.

We helped Rory approach potential manufacturers and the sweeper is attracting strong interest.